How to choose the perfect glasses according to your face

They enhance, restructure and even modify features, glasses have enormous aesthetic power.But they can also amplify defects and blur our face, especially if we don't know our type of face and its particularities.

Who said that choosing glasses is an easy task?

We have to take into account shape, color, size and style.

This week we talk about how to choose the best prescription glasses for you depending on your face.

What kind of face do you have?

Find the nearest mirror, stand in front of it and identify yourself with one of these 6 types of faces.

1.Oval face

It is characterized by a symmetrical and harmonious face shape where the cheekbones, chin and forehead have a similar width.It is the ideal face to wear glasses, because they integrate with the fractions of the face, so if you have identified yourself, feel lucky!

What are we looking for? Glasses that help us maintain balance and proportionality.

IF to:

  • Frames neither too wide nor too narrow, but rather maintain proportionality.

  • Our Lulu, Hope or Willow, available in three colours, could fit very well.

  • Free your imagination and let yourself be guided by your own style, you have no limits.

NOT to:

  • Frames that are too large for facial features.

2.Square Face

Forehead and jaw have a similar width that dominates the rest of the facial features.

What are we looking for? Glasses that help us soften and lengthen the rest of the features.

IF to:

  • Narrow frames.

  • Oval or round designs.

  • With our best seller in prescription glasses Andy you will feel radiant.

NOT to:

  • Geometric or very square shapes, which accentuate the angles of the face.

  • Colours that emphasize the lower area, highlighting the chin.

3.Round Face

The width and length of the face have similar measurements and there are no features that predominate over the rest.The contour of the face is completely curved, creating a circumference.

What are we looking for? Glasses that help us narrow and lengthen our faces.

IF to:

  • Narrow, rectangular and geometric shapes, which elongate and slim the face.

  • Frames whose design is “oriented” upwards to draw attention to the upper part of the face.

  • Check out the models Goudie, Elon or Wilfred, are exactly what we are looking for.

NOT to:

  • Small glasses that are out of proportion.

  • Short frames, which accentuate the length of the face.

4.Elongated face

It stands out for being thin and without too many prominences, that is, both the jaw bones and those of the forehead are practically the same size and do not protrude with respect to the rest of the face.

What are we looking for? Glasses that help us soften and shorten a long and angular face.

IF to:

  • High frames, with an accentuated upper part or decorated temples, which diminish the sensation of length of the face.

  • Designs that emphasize depth rather than width.

  • Stylish frames, like our Frida.

NOT to:

  • Small frames that are out of proportion and/or emphasize length.

5.triangle face

The forehead is narrow and the jaw line is broader, but the chin does not stand out from the rest of the facial elements.

What are we looking for? Glasses that help us minimize the width of the chin and emphasize the position of the eye in the upper part of the face.

IF to:

  • Shapes that open toward the cheeks.

  • Half frames or full frames that accentuate the upper half of the face, offsetting the width of the jaw.

  • Strong colors or decorative motifs on the upper part: why our Rhodes are they perfect for you?

NOT to:

  • Narrow frames that are not proportionate.

6.Inverted triangle face

The forehead is wide and as we get closer to the chin, everything is narrower, especially the cheekbones and jawline.

What are we looking for? Glasses that help us avoid accentuating the difference in size between the upper and lower part of the face.

IF to:

  • Wider frames at the bottom or whose design accentuates that part.
  • Softer colors and materials.

  • Rounded and narrow shapes that soften the forehead.

  • The cat-eye models will make you feel like a movie, so don't miss out on trying the Roxanne.

NOT to:

  • Designs or rods with decorative elements that emphasize the upper part and focus attention upwards.

    Two extra-tips! (that's how nice we are)

    • Keep the bottom of the frame from resting on your cheeks.

    • If you don't have a pronounced nose bridge it's better to use a nose pad frame.

    Do you want to try some of the models that we have recommended at home?

    Use our Virtual Fitting Room of glasses and start having fun!

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