How to adapt to progressive glasses

If this is your first time using progressive glasses, it is normal for you to have some doubts about their use.

In order to know how to adapt to progressive glasses, it is necessary to know what exactly they are and why they differ from single vision glasses.

Progressive lenses are used for those people who with age have developed presbyopia or tired eyesight, that is, their eye no longer focuses the different distances as before.

Does it happen to you that you need to take some glasses with you to see up close and others to see in the distance?

Progressive glasses allow you to focus all distances with a single glass.

The crystal is divided into three different parts:

  • the upper part is for far vision;
  • the central part for medium or intermediate vision;
  • the lower part for close vision.

This is why it takes time to adjust to progressive crystals. The question is learning to see with each of the parts of the lens and focus different distances depending on where you look.

How long does it take to adapt our vision to progressive glasses?

It depends on each person and their graduation, but as a general rule, it usually takes between 10-20 days.

How to wear progressive glasses for the first time?

When we don't wear prescription glasses, we look down to see things up close. With progressive lenses we have to get used to lowering our heads accompanying our gaze.

Hence, some people feel dizzy or uncomfortable for the first few days with the new progressive glasses.

Your head and your eyes have to dance to the same rhythm! It is important that you learn to coordinate both parts so that your vision adapts quickly.

Perform practical exercises in your spare time such as reading a newspaper or your mobile phone alternating it with watching television. In this way you have two different distances and the view gradually adapts to this transition.

Like everything, adaptation will be a matter of time and practice.

Can you buy progressive glasses online?

Of course! Choose the frame that you like the most from our collection and see how it looks on you in the virtual fitting room. When choosing lenses, select "progressive lenses" and complete the purchase.

Also, remember that you have 1 month to adapt to your new progressive glasses: ifif they do not convince you, you have free exchanges and returns.

If you have questions about your progressive glasses or you don't understand why your eyesight hasn't just adapted, contact us at or visit our optician in Madrid. We will be happy to help you!

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