How to prevent glasses with a mask from fogging up?

Since the Covid-19 pandemic began, restrictions have changed our lifestyle and masks are the order of the day.

For months, the use of a mask has been mandatory. This sanitary product has become an essential for day to day. The mask protects us and helps protect the rest of the population.

How do those who wear glasses manage to live with a mask?

When we breathe we give off heat through the nose. With the use of the mask, the vapor rises through it to our lenses, which causes them to be covered with mist and prevents us from seeing clearly.

5 Tips to prevent the mask from fogging up the glasses.

1. The first tip is one of the most obvious, but it always works very well. It is none other than washing the windows with soapy water. Before putting on the mask, you must wash the glasses. Use a deep container in which you can mix soapy water. Once you wash the lenses, rinse with water and dry with a chamois to avoid fiber, dirt or scratches on the glass.

The formula of the soap will repel the water molecules from our glass, which cause the mist or steam from our glasses.

2. Seals the gaps between the mask and the face. The second tip comes from the world of surgical interventions. Doctors are required to operate with a mask to avoid contaminating the area to be treated. Many of them wear glasses and use this practical tip to prevent fogging on their lenses and to be able to operate with total precision.

Place a double-sided tape between the mask and the bridge of your nose. In this way we seal all the holes in our face and prevent the heat we give off when breathing from rising.

3. Use a mask that fits your face correctly. In line with the previous advice, look for the mask that best fits your face. A large or small size not only exposes us to the virus, but also facilitates the escape of the steam that is causing of our problem.

A line of new masks is also being launched on the market that you can find through "special mask for glasses" or "mask for glasses", which are tailor-made for all those who wear glasses and suffer from this problem.

4. Adjust your glasses. Non-plastic lenses usually come with pads for the nasal area. Adjust them so that the frame is furthest away from the face. In this way we will let the air flow without condensing on our lens.

Take care when fitting your pads. It is a delicate piece that can break or change the field of vision with incorrect use.

5. Anti-fog chamois. Apply the anti-fog wipes to your lens gently, impregnating a thin film on the surface. In this way you will be able to prevent the glasses from fogging up for a variable time that varies depending on the product.

Also, here we come to your aid! Both in store and online you can find these wipes to remove the fog from glasses.

Our anti-fog wipes help effectively prevent goggles with a mask from fogging up. Find them on our website in the "Accessories" section and in store ask our opticians.

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