Quick and easy guide to understand your optical graduation

If you have ever wondered what the data and numbers that appear on your ophthalmologist's prescription mean, this post is for you.

We have created this guide so that they can no longer speak to you in this mysterious language that we do not understand.

To begin with, we identify the right eye as OS and the left eye as OI.

Dp / D: Dioptres

The graduation is expressed in diopters, which are used to measure the visual defect of the eye.

The more diopters, the more power your lenses will have.

Sometimes, the graduation of the glasses does not match those of your contact lenses, especially in high powers (more than 4 diopters).

ESF / SPH: Sphere

The sphere is the data that represents farsightedness or myopia, and is expressed in diopters. This information will come with a positive (+) or negative (-) symbol depending on the visual defect: (+) is the symbol of hyperopia, which is related to near vision, and (-) that of myopia, associated with the far vision.

CYL/CYL: Cylinder

When we talk about astigmatism, the value that the diopters tell us to be able to correct it is the cylinder. In general, the cylinder is always negative.

Axis: Axis

This information will be insufficient if it is not accompanied by the axis, whose degrees will be between 0º and 180º to indicate where the astigmatism is located.

AD / ADD / Add: Addition

The addition is a fact that usually occurs in older people who already suffer from presbyopia or tired eyesight and are always positive diopters (+). It will be needed to make progressive glasses.

VA: Visual acuity

The visual acuity indicates the visual quality with which we see. A visual quality will be optimal if the data is 1.0 or 1.2, which corresponds to 100% vision, which will mean that your visual quality is that of a lynx 😀)

What made you want to graduate?

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  • Buenas.
    Mi oftalmólogo me mandó gafas (OD: -1.00 OI: -1.00).

    Las hice y al comenzar a usarlas sentía dolores de cabeza. Las lleve a controlar, las pusieron en una maquina y me dijeron que los valores no eran los mismos.
    Me dieron un comprobante que dice:
    S: -1.00
    C: 0.00
    A: 0
    P: I 0.00 U 0.00

    S: -1
    C: 0.00
    A: 0
    P: I 0.25 U 0.50

    De la óptica en que los hice me dicen que los valores son los mismos. Los que sale en ese comprobante a que se refiere? Que son esos P I U que son distintos en el ojo izquierdo?

    Muchas gracias!


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