How to clean my glasses to avoid Covid-19?

In the times of the Coronavirus, personal hygiene is essential.

You will have heard many times how important it is to wash your hands frequently, but there are some things that are not being discussed.

Glasses can be a major source of infection because they are exposed to external agents and tend to remain on hard and potentially infected surfaces for hours.
Therefore, we tell you the 4 steps you must follow to clean your glasses to avoid Covid-19:
  1. Wash your hands before touching the glasses
  2. Put a drop of mild hand soap on each lens (let's avoid concentrated degreasing soaps that can damage the properties and treatments of the lenses).
  3. With your fingertips, clean the external and internal part of the lens, without forgetting the frame, and ending with the temples and nose pads.
  4. Rinse the soap well with water without leaving any residue and dry your glasses with a cotton cloth that does not release particles or lint.

      2 things you should NOT do to clean your glasses

      1. Do not use the mythical cleaning wipes that are sold in supermarkets, it is easier to scratch the windows.

      1. Do not use sanitary alcohol on the lenses continuously, only in exceptional cases; for example, if they had some type of dirt that is not easily removed, and even so, it only uses a droplet.

      In general, microfiber cloths or chamois are the best solution.

      We will always give you a chamois with the purchase of your new glasses :)

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