How to buy your prescription glasses online

How many times have you wondered where to buy prescription glasses online without having to leave home?

We know that it is not always an easy process, so in this post we are going to explain step by step how you can buy your new prescription glasses on our website.

Let's get to it!

1. Choose the frame that you like the most

On the web you can see all our frames available in both sunglasses and sunglasses.

Remember that if you like any of our eyeglass frames, you have the option of graduating it with sun glasses.

If you want to test them in real time use our Virtual Fitting Room simply clicking the “test online” button and giving access to the camera.

2. Select the lenses you need

Which glasses are you looking for? Prescription, computer, progressive or sun glasses? After you have selected your frame, choose the lens that suits your needs.

You will see several options:

  • Sight glasses: single vision lenses for visual defects such as myopia, farsightedness, astigmatism or presbyopia.
  • Progressive glasses: progressive lenses that allow both far and near and intermediate vision in the same glasses.
  • Computer glasses: non-prescription lenses with screen protection.

3. Add filters to lenses

Once you have chosen the type of glass, you can add filters and specific treatments.

We will always give you the first reduction of the glass and the anti-reflective treatment!

The anti-reflective treatment serves to avoid uncomfortable light reflections .

The photochromic filter makes the lens look like a regular prescription glass indoors and become a sunny one outdoors.

The filter for screens prevents the appearance of early cataracts, reduces eyestrain and dry eyes caused by exposure to screens.

If you decide to choose a frame and make it sun, you can choose between the polarized that filters light and flashes, or the normal sunglasses .

4. Further reduces the thickness of the lenses

The first lens reduction we give away works great if you're less than 3.5 diopters.

On the other hand, if you have between 3.5 and 7 diopters, we recommend that you select double reduction.

If your diopters are 7 or more, choose triple reduction or contact us at hello@greyhounders. com so that we can give you a budget according to your graduation.

5. Add your graduation to the order

If you have your optometric prescription, click on “upload graduation data” and upload a photograph of the prescription.
of everything.

If you want to send graduation later or are waiting to graduate, click on "send graduation by email later". You will receive an order confirmation email and another requesting graduation a couple of days later, simply reply to any of these emails with your graduation attached. Don't worry, your frame is saved once you place the order!

Also, “we pick up your glasses”. We send a messenger to pick up a pair of glasses with which you can see well to read the graduation in our laboratory and thus make your new GreyHounders.

6. Finish your order

Check your cart to see that everything is correct and click "Finish order". Enter your personal data, choose if you want us to send your order home or pick it up at our stores and continue with the payment.

Once you reach the last step, you will have to enter your card details or make the payment through Paypal. As simple as that! You will receive confirmation of your order by email, as well as its status in the different phases of the process.

And now, wait for your new GreyHounders at home!

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