Is it good to take off your glasses from time to time?

There are countless debates about vision, and it is that worldwide, did you know that more than 1. 000 million people live with some kind of visual impairment? The most common visual defects are: myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism and presbyopia.

Why is it said that it is good to take off your glasses from time to time?

This is one of the most talked about topics: the problem that taking off your glasses from time to time to avoid always wearing them can cause or not.

There is a myth that if you accustom your eyes to always wearing glasses, the prescription will increase and, in turn, the visual acuity will decrease, turning them into lazy eyes.

This is obviously not the case! If you correct your vision with glasses, it is because you need it, and that correction will not lead to a higher prescription. In fact, we do not recommend forcing the eye to make an unnecessary effort to try to correct the visual defect on its own, because in addition to being harmful, it will be impossible.

Does excessive use of glasses weaken vision?

This is another of the big questions that arises and the answer is not. Its use is to reinforce what the eyes are not able to focus on. On the contrary, constantly straining your eyes and not offering the help provided by lenses adapted to each graduation could cause your eyesight to weaken and worsen the visual problem. So as long as you use the help you need, this shouldn't happen.

Why do I see blurry when I take off my glasses after many hours?

This is something completely normal, in the end, the eye gets used to the graduation that allows it to see with total clarity. If what you want is to rest your eye without stopping wearing your glasses, we give you some tips with which to maintain healthy habits for your eyesight:

  • To avoid visual fatigue, we recommend that you add a blue filter to your prescription glasses. It is one of the best ways to take care of your eyesight in light conditions to which we are constantly exposed, and, above all, one of the main reasons why this need for visual rest is essential.

  • Always try to keep an appropriate distance between your eyes and the computer, placing it slightly below your eyes to force as little as possible.

  • The more natural light you work with, whether it's in front of a screen or not, it will help reduce eye strain.

  • In addition, if you notice dry and itchy eyes throughout the day, we recommend using moisturizing drops with which you will notice instant relief. In our product catalog, our Comfort Drops will help you continue your day as if nothing had happened.

Why is the prescription different in my glasses and contact lenses?

What happens is that these two products are completely different. The contact lenses, on the one hand, are in direct contact with the eye and, on the other hand, we place the glasses about 10 millimeters away. It may seem insignificant, and in fact, with small graduations that difference is barely noticeable, but at higher graduations, it is a sufficient distance for the graduations to vary.

If the correction that you wear in the glasses is not correct, either because more prescription has been put on or because it has been made less, your eyesight would be suffering and, therefore, your eyes as well.
If it happens that the graduation of your glasses is not exactly what you should wear, we recommend that you go for a visual examination and make sure of the necessary graduation measure that you need to be able to see well.
If you are still not sure how to do it, do not hesitate to book your appointment and graduate in any of our stores, we are waiting for you!

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