Glasses and Halloween, a winning combination!

Trick or treating week is here! That's right, this October 31st is Halloween, the American holiday that, little by little, has made a place for itself in our calendar and where children and adults alike roam the streets looking for sweets and candies.

In this party, also known as ”Night of the Dead”, the mmake-up is the great protagonist and, this year, due to the pandemic, the eyes will be the focus of all eyes.

How to do your makeup this Halloween

Have you thought about what your costume will be? If you haven't decided yet, don't worry, we'll tell you 3 perfect makeup tricks to highlight your eyes this Halloween whatever your costume is.

  • If you have bad eyesight, the eyeliner, the finer the better. Also remember to lengthen the stroke to the corner, so your eyes will appear larger.
  • Although we like to give our lashes extra volume with a good mascara, this can make our eyes appear smaller. So the ideal would be a mascara that curls and lengthens your eyelashes to infinity.
  • If your frame is a bright color , the lipstick that will suit you best will be in nude or transparent gloss; with black or brown frames, red or fuchsia lipsticks would be ideal. On the other hand, if you wear metallic glasses , any shade will match your glasses!

maquillaje halloween

There are many costumes where you can combine these makeup tips. For example, Maleficent, a very glam look but with a certain sinister air where the stars are smoky eyes and blood red lips.

This type of makeup looks great with black cat-eye glasses, you will be able to give your look a plus of originality!

Another costume where you can develop our makeup tricks is that of Harley Quinn, the girlfriend of the Joker. Her makeup is characterized by a eyeliner with a fine line, a mascara that frames your eyes and a powerful red lipstick.

As a combination, a msilver metallic seam will look great if you decide to dress up as this villain.

How about you recreate the makeup of Tiffany, the bride of mdevil doll Chucky? This character is characterized by a very marked eyeliner framing the entire eye to give it a sinister attack and a burgundy red lipstick. The ideal complement to combine this makeup are brightly colored glasses , you will give a touch of color to your sinister makeup!

And you, have you already chosen your makeup and costume for this terrifying day?

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