Life through Round Glasses: How to choose them

Each season a type of frame is in fashion and this year we are clear that round glasses are going to be worn.

Round metal or plastic glasses,

however you like.

All materials have their own advantages, let's learn more about them.

Round plastic glasses

They are some of the lightest frames on the market. Its compound, acetate, allows them to be manufactured in many colors.

The shape of the frame is perfect for high prescription lenses, since, being thicker, it allows to better hide the thickness.

Our Jimi are the perfect example.

iconic models from the 60s are reinvented, evolving into current fashion. Frames that have made history in the music industry, such as those of John Lennon, return with a 360 turn and come to the fore.

Don't they remind you of our Joplin sunglasses?

The vintage round glasses, more than a fashion, have come to stay in our closets.

Frames that have a more oval shape and that combine different materials, such as steel and acetate, are also making a name for themselves.

If you are looking for a change or update your look, a good hybrid between these trends like Khale would have many ballots >.

How to know if round frames favor you?

The first thing you should look at is the shape of your face.

Round glasses tend to come in handy for those with more square faces.

This frame shape lightens the lines of the face, leaving a clean and more attractive appearance.

They can also come in handy for those thin faces, but more stretched or triangular.

If you have a wider face and are looking for a round frame, we recommend the larger, more oval glasses, aviator style.

Round metal glasses

We saved the jewel in the crown (in prescription glasses) for last. The trend of this 2021, are undoubtedly the round metal glasses. Round with half frame or with full frame. This material gives the frame lightness and resistance.

In general, they are recommended for those who do not have much prescription, although they are adaptable for those prescriptions between 6-12 diopters, applying high index 1.74 lenses.

In these cases, write to us so that we can advise you for free about the type of frame that best suits your visual needs. Take a look at the section “Types of lenses”.

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