How to clean sunglasses after the summer

Summer is made for sunglasses, that's for sure. It is the perfect complement to any plan during the summer season, but so much jogging takes its toll in the long run.

And is that... have you noticed that your glasses are no longer like the first day you bought them? Don't worry, at GreyHounders we give you some tricks to clean your sunglasses after the summer.

Do you clean your sunglasses correctly?

Yes, no matter how much you take care of them, your sunglasses get dirty too. Makeup, sweat, dust or pollution are factors that make your glasses stain easily.

In order to clean them, just rub them gently with a microfiber cloth . And, if they are very dirty, before this step, rinse them with lukewarm water and dry the moisture with a clean cotton cloth. They'll fit like new!

We have talked about dust, sweat or pollution but... What about the sand and saltpeter? On the beach we are continuously exposed to it and yes, although at first glance it doesn't seem like they have particles, they do.

Cleaning the sand and saltpeter sunglasses is very easy too , put your glasses under the fresh water tap and leave them for a while. Then you just have to dry them with a microfiber chamois and that's it!

If you notice that in addition to being dirty, your sunglasses have scratches from the sand, we have another tip for you! Try rubbing the lenses very gently with Vaseline or a mixture of baking soda and water. Don't forget to clean them again later so they stay perfect!

With these tips you can now clean your sunglasses after the summer in the ideal way, and thus make them last much longer!

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