How to put on makeup if you wear prescription glasses

Each face has different peculiarities that you can highlight or hide, nobody wants a pair of glasses that hide their best features and highlight those that we don't like so much about ourselves.

We know that love at first sight exists, but choosing glasses that are not suitable for your face can play a trick on you.

The makeup and hair play a dominant role so you can choose your best option.

Two quick tips:

  1. When trying on glasses, you have to do it both with your hair down and up.
  2. You have to try them with different types of makeup.How? Very simple, with our system of Test at Home we send you home up to 5 frames so that you can do all the necessary tests for 3 days.

Makeup, like our glasses, has no gender or limits.If you wear glasses, don't let your gaze hide behind the lenses.

Let's go there with our tips to put on makeup if you wear glasses:

  • Outlined

You must take into account the shape of your glasses and the magnification of your crystals.The prescription of the glasses could distort the outline of the eyeliner; especially if you use a lot of magnification, the line will appear thicker and this will reduce the delicacy of the face.

Tip: Make a very fine line, sticking well to the lashes.

  • Shadows

Watch out! The crystals can increase the color of the shadows, or distort them if they have some kind of special filter.It is not recommended to use very bright colors , especially during the day, nor very flashy.

Tip: use natural, matte and neutral shades, in makeup with glasses less is more.

  • Mascara

The eyelashes may rub against your glasses and this sensation is very annoying.We don't want to spend all day rubbing our eyes and ruining our makeup.

Tip: use a lash curler to curl your lashes and avoid applying mascara to the lower lashes.

  • Eyebrows

They are a world.

Normally, the eyebrows should conform to the shape of the frame.For example: if you have sparse eyebrows, you can opt for glasses with a metal frame at the top.

Square frames like the Harmony are perfect for breaking the balance of the rounded or curved eyebrows.

If you have short, close-set brows, aviator-style glasses like the Neil would look great on you.

Curved glasses like the Dahlia will soften you up the eyebrows, if you have them very populated or rounded.

Tip: keep your eyebrows well defined and clean of excesses to intensify your look.

  • Eyeliner

Many glasses tend to give the sensation of smaller eyes through the lenses.We need a little trick to create the illusion that the eyes are bigger.

Tip: apply nude eye pencils to your waterline.

  • Lipstick

We love them and surely you have all the possible shades to combine with your outfits.

Tip: If you wear a more intense color shade , it is preferable to leave the lips more natural, using a nude lipstick.If you are wearing a more natural shade, you can use more intense lipstick shades.

We hope our little tricks will help you to go perfectly made up on all occasions.Glasses don't have to be a nuisance, they are increasingly becoming a great fashion accessory.

If you still don't wear glasses what are you waiting for to get some?

Check out our latest collection or write to us at hello@greyhounders for personalized advice!

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