Interpupillary distance. What is it and how is it measured?

Eyeglasses, sunglasses, computer glasses, reading glasses... although for different purposes, glasses have become an essential accessory for everyone.

One of the most important factors to achieve perfect vision with our new glasses is to measure our interpupillary distance or “centres” in a more colloquial way (yes, I am optometrist and we call him that).

Does it sound familiar to you that you have heard the term DIP or Interpupillary Distance?

The interpupillary distance (DIP or PD) measures the distance between your pupils in millimeters and guarantees that the center of the lenses that we are going to manufacture is in the correct place.

It is one of the data we need when making your new prescription glasses and we will always ask you for it.

Where do I find my interpupillary distance?

  • If you have the latest graduation from your ophthalmologist or optometrist, there it is! You will see your complete interpupillary distance (DIP) or simply the naso-pupillary distance (NPD), which is the distance between your pupil and the nose: in this case you will only have to multiply it by two to know the complete interpupillary distance of your next prescription glasses .

  • If you don't have your degree, we help you get it for free. You can go (without obligation) to our store in Madrid (c/Campoamor, 10) or write to us so that we can give you a complete visual examination.

Home measurement?It is possible to measure the interpupillary distance at home!

If you do not identify yourself in any of the above situations, you always have the most fun option, which is to measure it at home.

If you're alone: ​​
  • Take a millimeter ruler and stand in front of a mirror (20 cm away). Align 0 with your right pupil, looking straight ahead at a fixed point, and measure the distance from the right pupil to the left.
  • Check it several times, so it is as accurate as possible.
If a friend or family member is encouraged to help you:
  • Sit opposite him/her (20 cm away) facing forward, and ask him/her to measure the distance between your pupils with a ruler.
In case you have doubts or if you are a lover of selfies, you can send us a photo of your face, with the ruler over the nose and at the height of the pupil and we will calculate your interpupillary distance.

You can send it to our email hello@greyhounders.com specifying your name and surname.

Let's measure!

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