My first time buying contact lenses online

The first change from glasses to contact lenses scares us all.

Don't panic!

In this post we explain how to use, care for, and extend the useful life of your contact lenses.And we will also answer some of the questions that you send us most frequently.

How to buy contact lenses online?

It's easier than it sounds.

Choose the contact lenses that suit your visual needs.Do you want daily or monthly contact lenses?

Attach your graduation and finalize the order on the web.Ready!

Does the prescription of glasses also work for contact lenses?

That may be the case, but most of the time the graduation is not exactly the same.This is because when you wear glasses, the lenses are at a certain distance from the eye and in the case of contact lenses, we have them glued to the eye itself.

Therefore, the most normal thing is that the graduation varies a little.

How do I put my contact lenses in for the first time?

It can be scary at first, we know.

First of all, always wash your hands and dry them well, water is not going to be a good ally.

If this is your first time wearing contact lenses, we recommend going through a
adaptation process trying different lenses until you feel comfortable with them and your eye accepts them.

Try to get into the habit of always starting with the same eye and thus make it a routine.

Place the lens on your index finger and check that it is in the correct position.The lens should be with the edges facing up.

Finally, open your eyes as wide as possible or help yourself by holding the eyelids.Now all that remains is to bring the lens closer to the eye and it will stick quickly and correctly.

How do I remove my contact lenses?

The process is practically the same as when we put them.

First, sanitize your hands correctly.Always start with the same eye.Open your eyelids with help from the other hand, place the thumb and index finger of your dominant hand on each side of the lens, look up and you can gently remove it.

Once you get it, you know it forever!

How do I store the lenses once we have removed them?

If your contacts are daily, once you remove them you can dispose of them.

If they are monthly or annual contact lenses, we must follow a few steps to preserve them.

Keep your contact lenses in a clean case and apply the appropriate liquid, it may be the case that you have to rinse your lenses when storing them, but it will depend the type of liquid and the lenses themselves.

A good decision would be to use the unique solution Hidro Health, as it lubricates your look and also clean and disinfect your contact lenses.

Can I wear contact lenses to play sports?

Of course! In most contact sports, glasses are not allowed because they can break, nail or have an accident with them, so contact lenses are your best option.

They are safe, they do not fall out, they do not break and they increase your field of vision compared to glasses. Do you need any more reason to opt for contact lenses for sports?

Can I wear my contact lenses all day?

Some people last longer with their contact lenses in than others.

The usual thing is not to wear the contact lenses for more than 10 hours a day.Take breaks alternating your eyeglasses with soft contact lenses, allowing your eye to rest and recover.

If you have questions about which solution is best for you, please contact us at hello@greyhounders.com or go to our optician in Madrid.

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